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The Program 

At Lakewood Suzuki Strings, we help your family craft a musical experience that sets your child up for success in music and beyond. Here are the components of the program!


Weekly Group Classes

Weekly 45-minute group classes offer an engaging learning environment where students play their instrument among peers, build confidence in a motivating environment, and learn important teamwork and communication skills. Group class fosters relationships between students and builds community amongst Lakewood Suzuki Strings families, making the learning experience social and fun!​ Group classes occur weekly on Wednesday evenings.


Weekly Private Lessons

Students and parents attend a weekly private lesson with a Suzuki-trained teacher. Your teacher will tailor lessons according to your child's specific needs and guide you on how to practice with your child in a positive environment at home. Your teacher gives detailed assignments and practice charts, making practice sessions fun and effective.​ Beginner-level private lessons are 30 minutes. The teacher, student, and parent commit to a specific weekly lesson time.



Performance is an important element of any musical education. Sharing with an audience helps cultivate self-assurance, grit, and focus in each student. Throughout the year, LSS hosts performing opportunities in the form of studio solo recitals, group class concerts, outreach performances in the community, and solo book graduation recitals.

Daily Practice and Listening

Home practice and daily listening are integral to your child's musical development; this is how they improve, building their discipline and confidence!  Home practice begins at 15 to 30 minutes per day and should be treated as part of your child’s routine so it becomes a habit.

Besides practicing, students also listen to their music to develop a sense of tone and artistry. Suzuki recordings are available for purchase on platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, or as a CD.



Lakewood Suzuki Strings tuition is divided up into two fees: the Monthly Lesson Fee and the Suzuki Program Fee. The Lesson Fee is paid monthly throughout the year and the Suzuki Program Fee is paid bi-annually in the fall and spring.

There is no Suzuki Program Fee over the summer months of June-August.


Monthly Lesson Fee

The monthly lesson fee begins at $150 for beginner students, and includes weekly 30-minute lessons.


Suzuki Program Fee

The Suzuki program fee of $370 is paid in bi-annually through the Lakewood Recreation Department. The Suzuki Program Fee covers fall and spring group activities outside of private lessons such as weekly group classes, monthly parent classes, and performances.


Ready to enroll?

Your first step to get started is to fill out the inquiry form below.

We'll get in touch with you to schedule a phone consultation!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does my child have to be to join?
    Children may start as young as 3 years old! Starting an instrument has less to do with age and more with your child's individual personality and needs. To find out if your child is ready to take on an instrument, contact us today to set up a free phone consultation at
  • When can I start?
    Enroll at any time - our doors are always open! Depending on lesson availability, we are happy to get you and and your child started whenever you're ready. Contact us at for more information.
  • Does my child need previous musical experience?
    Not at all! No musical experience is necessary to begin in the LSS program. All you need is excitement and willingness to learn!
  • Where are you located?
    Lakewood Suzuki Strings is located in several locations across Lakewood, Ohio. We are conveniently located on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio where your child can receive viola or violin lessons outside Cleveland.
  • Do you offer classes for homeschool students?
    Yes! Lakewood Suzuki Strings offers homeschool classes in Northeast Ohio. The Suzuki Method is favored among homeschool families because of the emphasis on parent and child relationships, and because of the social component offered in weekly group classes. Click HERE for more info on what we offer homeschool families.
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