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Getting an Instrument -- Should I rent or buy my violin?

The huge and awaiting day has happened and your child is ready to get their first real violin or viola! Since every young student starts out on a box or foam violin, this has been a very exciting moment that they have been looking forward to since day one!

Now that your child has graduated from the box violin, they will need a full "outfit" which includes the following: violin or viola, bow, case, cleaning cloth, and rosin. You can either rent or purchase your instrument when your child is ready for this step. Both renting and buying are good options, but it all depends what works best for you.

Teacher tip: Getting the right size instrument is important for your child's comfort while playing. Your child will be measured either by their private instructor or by a string shop attendant to ensure they get the appropriate size instrument.

Whether you're renting or buying, here are Lakewood Suzuki Strings recommendations for string shops in the Cleveland Area:

To Rent or to Buy? That is the question…

Renting or Buying your child’s instrument is a personal choice and it depends on what works

best for you. Here at LSS we recommend renting because of the hassle-free service you get with our amazing local violin shops. But whether you rent or buy, once your child has their own violin, they will need to know how to take care of it which you can read all about below!

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